Global Change Ecology. Hampshire College.                                                                                                         Art & Ecology: Understanding Changing New England Environments. Hampshire College.                 Ecosystem Ecology: A Biogeochemical Perspective. Hampshire College.                                                   Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education and Synthesis. Faculty network participant.

Ecosystem Ecology: A Biogeochemical Perspective. Hampshire College. 
Environmental Conflict in the Anthropocene. Hampshire College.

Innovations for Change: Problem Solving for the Future. Hampshire College. 
Integrated Sciences: Where does the Water Go? Water, Carbon, and Nutrient Flow in a Living Building. Hampshire College.

Ecosystem Processes. Instructor, UC Santa Barbara.   

2009 – 2010  
Understanding a Changing World – From Molecules to Ecosystems. Instructor, UC Santa Barbara. School for Scientific Thought program for high school students supported by NSF in conjunction with the California NanoSystems Institute.

2006 – 2007   
Sheridan Center Teaching Certificate I. Brown University.